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9 questions of a course work about Project Management

This course work in Project Management contains 9 questions.
Each of the 4 questions of Problem 1, must be answered in bullet points. Each question must have a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 topics.
Regarding Problems 2,4 and 5, these must be answered in a more detailed way than the previous questions.
The last topic of Problem 3 must be answered in a similar way as the questions in Problem 1.
All 9 questions must be answered in 2 pages and the questions themselves shouldnt be on the document, they should only be identified. For example: Problem 1, question 1, and then the answer, and so on.
P.S. In Problem 2, I think it is necessary to do a Project Charter but I am not sure. I live it up to you to decide.