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A New Documentary Manifesto

The goal of this paper is to write your own historically informed manifesto of documentary film updated for today. What aspects of documentary traditions should be explored today and which ones should be discarded? Propose and explain between 5 and 10 prescriptive theses about documentary film practice with references to the history of documentary cinema and theory. (Godmilows Kill the Documentary as We Know It provides one example of this.)In expanding on your theses, make reference to specific films and scenes from films as well as essays that are on the list. You may choose to make reference to documentary practices on TV, online, etc., when thinking about the current state of documentary.You may choose to focus on one manifesto from the past and rewrite it for today or you may choose to make reference to a range of writings that are on the list. The paper should be polemical, original and experimental but grounded in the history of documentary traditions and careful analysis of specific films and writings.Please only use the readings that I uploaded.Please use both of the documentaries on the list and documentaries out of the list as references.PLEASE SEE CLOSELY the file “documentary paper”. You can check the prompt in detail.