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A report on ” A love affair with books”

I would like to make clear its an Essay (A Source-Based Report on an Article). Below is a template for the essay and I uploaded the article in 3 files, I apologize I couldn’t do it in just one file. Also include 2 quotations from the article and cite them using MLA rules. The last sentence on the first paragraph is the thesis statement.

Paragraph 1 — Introduction:

In [title of article] ( ________________________) [first name and last name of author followed by a verb (“writes,” “tells,” “conveys”) in the present tense. Thesis statement last sentence on first paragraph
Paragraph 2 — Summary–only 80-125 words

Paragraph 3– Reaction to the author’s style (word choice, sentence structure, use of figurative language like metaphors and similes)

Paragraph 4 — Reaction to the author’s organization (chronological? emphatic? comparison?)

Paragraph 5 — Reaction to the author’s content (Use words like saddened, confused, elated, puzzled, etc)

Paragraph 6 — Conclusion; restatement of thesis; answering the question “So what?”

No sources needed