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According to de Mesquita and Smith, all regimes share the same motivations with regard to elites staying in power and their use of the selectorate. Compare two countries of different regime types along their use of the selectorate to note different strategies and outcomes.

Drawing from the topic of your paper proposal, write a paper that:-Articulates a puzzle or research question on that topic- identifies the academic schools of thought that speak to that topic;-attempts to resolve the question through the use of credible and systemic evidenceIn writing the paper, make sure to:-have a thesis statement that articulates your argument and guides the rest of the paper-identify the major theoretical issues that underpin the research question-conduct enough research to be able to frame the way different Scholars address the question and report their interpretations-conduct research in order to use evidence to make your case for your interpretation of events-present both research foci in the scope of the paper, using logic to link the concepts together-anticipate and overwhelm counter arguments