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Ad analysis

For this project you will analyze an ad sociologically. First, you will find an ad that has a sociological message in it(many of them do). Ads can come in many forms. For example, billboards, ads from magazines and newspapers, and on-line ads would work for this project. More specifically, you will describe how this ad relates to sociology. The closer you tie the ad to sociology, the stronger your analysis. Be sure that you do not analyze this ad from a marketing viewpoint, but from a sociological perspective. You will also need to bring in information from two outside scholarly/peer-reviewed sociological resources to bolster your discussion of the ad you chose. By outside, I mean sources outside of the course. Therefore, the course textbook would not qualify. In other words, you need to use information that you find in two scholarly/peer-reviewed sociological sources in your paper. By sociological, I mean that the sources must have been written by a sociologist. This project allows for great creativity.

Writing structure:
Your writing should consist of an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. In the introduction you will tell the reader exactly what you plan to do in the paper. A description of your ad would also be helpful in order to frame the paper. Your body will be centered on the two (or more) concepts that you chose to use to analyze the ad. You should discuss specific aspects of the ad using sociological ideas. Be sure to define any terms that a non-sociology student may not know. The conclusion should sum up and synthesize (or pull together) your main points.