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Adolescent health

Imagine you are Angelo’s Dietitian, how will you answer these questions based on a Dietian’s experiences and point of view.
Please do some research on Adolescence, what this age group eating patterns, common deficiency especially in this case Angelo is vegan. Also research to know about adolescence ‘s growth and maturation rate (look up reliable sources like CDC, WHO, not some random websites please, I will also send you pictures of pages of textbook related to adolescence.)
Please make sure you FULLY UNDERSTAND about adolescence before starting to answer these questions, I don’t want this paper sounds like a high schooler answer question vaguely, I WANT DETAILED, supported evidence works.
This professor is SUPER STRICT ON GRAMMAR< DETAILED SENTENCES TOO, don't just state ideas vaguely without supporting them with EVIDENCES, explanations. For example, for this question "How might a vegan vegetarian diet affect Angelos growth and maturation?" you might list some factors like nutrient deficiency (protein, B12, Iron,.....) but you should not stop here, you should further explain why you stated this with evidences. I got points of so many times because of vague sentences without explanations that actually GIVE INSIGHTS. GIVE SPECIFIC INSIGHTS AS A DIETITIAN, SMARTLY. I WANT APA 7 (newest form of APA, please research about it too, make sure your citations are up to date with APA 7 NOT APA 6 please, she is super picky about this too. The source you need to cite Is the textbook only On the assignment package file under, read only page 8 and 9 File "Graded case study 3..." is fully detailed described instructions please YOU HAVE TO READ AND FOLLOW