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Advertising Industry in the Age of Capitalism and Consumer Culture.

Critically explain and examine the rise of the advertising industry in relation to the development of capitalism and consumer society in the 20th and 21st century.Adjacent are some key readings that MUST be sourced for the paperSocial Communication in Advertising: Consumption in the Mediated MarketplaceBy William Leiss, Stephen Kline, Sut Jhally, Jackie Botterill, Kyle AsquithChapter 5 Historical Roots of Consumer Culture in Advertising, the uneasy persuasion: its dubious impact on American societyby Michael SchudsoChapter 1 Early Globalisation, Rising Cosmopolitanism and a New World of Goods in Global Trade and the Transformation of Consumer Cultures: The Material World Remade, c.1500-1820Chapter by Beverly LemireConsumer culture, modernity and identityBook edited by Nita Mathur 2014The consumer society: myths and structuresBook by Jean Baudrillard 1998Chapter 2 A Consumer Society in Consumption and its consequencesChapter Further reading