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Advise on direct investment in residential (housing) market in London And/Or New York

This is a report and not an Essay. I have attached a file on “how to write a report” which might help you to frame your work. The assignment requires you to analyze London & New York Residential (Housing) Market and then advise the client to either invest in London or New York or both. If both, how much should be invested in London and how much should be invested in New York out of the total 600 million Turkish Lira. I have attached a detailed assignment brief that will help you structure your report. It broadly consists of the following – -Executive Summary-Introduction-Structure of operation of Internation Markets-Analysis of London & New York Markets (strictly on Housing Market)-Conclusion & Recommendation-References-AppendiciesThe assignment brief contains the sub-headings or the things that need to be addressed under every broad heading. Please ensure all those points are covered in the report. For Quantitative analysis, I have already calculated the Expected Return & Expected Risk for London & New York. I have attached an Excel file “data” where you will find these calculations and historic graphs. Please use these as well in the report. For Qualitative data, you may look into Market reports from CBRE/ JLL/ Knight Frank/ Savills which talk about it. You may also refer to World Bank, Financial Times, BBC for more info. Bank of England or Google for exchange rates as the money is in Turkish Lira.