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Six page paper (no other paper is necessary),
Watch the entirety of the movie Amadeus which premiered in 1984. This movie is available for purchase on Amazon, YouTube, possibly other streaming sites, and is available on DVD. After watching this fantastic movie, please write at least a six page paper on the music that is in the background throughout the entire movie. With the exception of a few pieces, the music is all Mozarts. Your paper should comment heavily on the music and what you thought of it. But obviously, you should also comment on how well the music complemented the movie, on the characters in the movie, and on Mozarts music as he aged. For the most part, the music is chronological. A paper that only comments on the plot and plot twists will not be sufficient. Your paper needs to primarily be about the music and its place in the movie. Since there are so many pieces of music in the movie, you may choose to focus on a few scenes that struck you, and how the music intertwined with those scenes. Use musical terminology.