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An Extended Case Review of an Elite American Footballer Following Arthroscopic Repair of Rotator Cuff & Biceps Ruptures (lesions).

Background/ brief(I have been given a clients past medical history to review injury and rehabilitation and come up with an appropriate rehab program for each stages of rehab relating to rehabilitation after surgery for RC tables and diagrams needed) Client X is a elite professional American football player ( no note of Athletes played position) who has suffered a tear within his rotator cuff tendon and has under gone surgery and a course of physiotherapy (athlete now fully recovered)Surgeon was prof Lenard Funk. Surgery received Right Arthroscopic Rotator cuff repair of the shoulder, R Arthroscopic Biceps Tenodesis, R Arthroscopic Subscapularis Repair.Indication- Large Rotator cuff tear 3-5cm, subscapularis tendon Avulsion, Subluxing/ Dislocated Long Head if Biceps.Hospital-Spire Manchester.Procedure- primary Arthroscopic EAU diagnostic scope, biceps tenodesis, simple subacromial bursectomy, Supraspinatus/ Infraspinatus repair and subscapularis repair.Findings- no loose bodies, Articular cartilage and labrum normal,Synovium- moderately proliferated throughout.Capsule- aggressively inflamedBiceps dislocated.Impingement- A1 (minor scuffing) B3 (full thickness tear).ACJ- normal acromion spur, CA ligament (lig) normal bursa significant synovitis.Cuff- full thickness tear intermediate/ delaminated supra and infra spinatus acier trauma large 3-5cm wide inverted L shaped severe retraction to glenoidProcedureRI: resectedCapsule: synovectomyBiceps treatment: TenodesisTenodesis: Arthroscopic in bicipital groove part of cuff repair.Decompression: Bursectomy onlyReattached: double row using pillar and post anchors with 2 medial and 1 lateral.Post opROM: Abd 90, forward elevation 90, ER, 20, IR trochanter.Shoulder immobilized for 3 weeks.Standard rehab received follow rotator cuff repair rehab protocolReview 3 wksintroductionI decided a qualitative research approach was appropriate for this study, this study is a review of (title diss)a rotator cuff arthroscopic surgery on an elite American footballer. which will review different topics such as mechanics of injury (MOI) of rotator cuff, shoulder injuries within American football and and future (carer rate),psychology of injury and the impact it can sustain on an athlete, goal setting and its importance, surgicical v Non surgical intervention, Treatment and réhabilition, special testing, biomechanics and Anatomy of the shoulder. I will be personally reviewing Client X Personal medical records and collecting data from this In Regards to X shoulder injury the history, surgical intervention, medication and rehabilitation, and assist with a appropriate reliable réhabilition program.AimsThe primary aim of the dissertation will be to show how normal functioning movement can be restored in respect of ROM and strength flexibility and review the psychological impact, goal setting and it’s importance and possible solutions. An how working within a MDT (multidisciplinary team) is importantObjectivesIt is intended that successful outcomes will be achieved through rehabilitation, soft tissue release, transverse frictions, strapping, mobilizations, hydrotherapy and heat application, proprioception, mobilisation, etc. The psychological impacts will be assessed, and solutions proposed.Proposed methodology