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Analysis on Handmaid’s Tale

General Information: For this paper you will write a 6-page analysis of the Handmaids Tale that we have been reading. Just like the previous paper you will be taking a position on a certain aspect of the story that will give you and your audience a deeper insight to the story. Again like last time you must use literary terms throughout the story and it MUST not be a review of the bookit must probe something unique about some aspect of the novel. Please refer to the other sheets found in CONTENT for essay topic ideas.

But unlike the last essay, this time around you will not only support your thesis with your opinions, but that of other critics as well. You will need to find outside sources (quotes, etc) that support your thesis. Or you can find sources that you disagree with and integrate them into your paper as well.

Research: Your final paper must include: quotes, summaries, and paraphrases (in-text citations) from a minimum of four sources. from the library. The other two sources can be any mix you (electronic sources from the internet and electronic journals) want. Your book does not count as one of the four sourcesthough you must document it if you quote from it.

You must use a good balance of 8 in-text citations (quotes and paraphrases) into your paper. You also must introduce all quotes that you use. You must also use from a variety of sources as well (you cant get all your information from just one source).

Points To Consider: You will write about theme or symbolism or setting/atmosphere or do a character analysis for your paper. Other Ideas will be given on the Handmaids Tale Essay Topic Idea Sheet.

Your Paper Must:
1. Be 6 FULL pages long, title, Times New Roman 12 Font, and have a thesis.
2. Have a separate Works Cited page (Does not count toward page limit)
3. Use eight in-text citations (MLA style) from a variety of sources (Century Library included)
4. Be a balance of your opinions supported by outside sources