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Analytics or Intuition

Please read the article Big Data, Analytics and the Path from Insight to Value by LaValle, Lesser, Shockley, et al. from MIT-Sloan Management Review.

You will look at a survey on how leading organizations are using statistics and you will compare the findings to your experience with respect to another organization.

Most companies that are evolving tend to use intuition rather than analytics in their decisions. Select one of the 11 categories listed in the first chart (p. 23) titled Analytics Trumps Intuition, and comment on which side your organization is on (clearly label as Analytics or Intuition). Give an example in which the decision-makers use intuition or analytics.

Please use the template below in your answer. Copy and paste this in your post.

Use the template below:

Analytics or Intuition

Category 1: (title)

(description with example)