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Analyze the concept of heroism as revealed in the text. Is Beowulf a successful hero or a failed hero?

Must argue whether or not Beowulf is a successful hero or not, BE SURE to include some reasoning as to why some may not consider Beowulf to be the hero, but reaffirm why he is. For an assignment that was already due, I created my thesis- that Beowulf quite literally meets the definition hero, as well as some other defining factors shown in the attached doc. The essay MUST be written in APA and follow the attached outline for headings. If you find that the thesis or one of the topics should be modified it is fine to do so, but try to stick with them if you can, as my professor will have already seen them and be expecting me to use them. You may also include a fourth topic that refines the fact that Beowulf is a hero if you need to meet the page requirement or feel it is necessary.

PLEASE see attached docs. They detail exactly how this essay is meant to be written. And also a side note- please at least get an idea of Beowulf’s plot if you are unfamiliar with it. I have seen a lot of paid to write essays over Beowulf that literally just repeat the plot.

As far as APA goes, obviously this must have a title page, an abstract, all of that fun stuff. 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced.

Also, this essay is going to go through a very rigorous plagiarism checker so please please please be careful about that.