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Animal Rights

read the article you have selected, you will need to prepare your written assignment that you will submit to me to be graded. The format of your written assignment will be a list, in paragraph form, not an essay. Put your name, date, CRN #, and course name either on a cover sheet or at the top left of the paper. Your written assignment should be a typed list, in paragraph form, in which you respond to items 1., 2., 3a., 3b., 3c., 3d., and 4. as directed below. Be sure to number each paragraph or item in your written assignment to correspond to the assignment. Formal Database Research Assignment must be in a 12 font and double spaced. Before submitting assignment, make sure you have put your name, CRN #, name of course, and date on it. Attach or submit a copy of the article you chose, do not send me its Permalink or U.R.L address.1. Thesis: Identify the articles thesis or purpose. Either paraphrase or directly quote the articles thesis or purpose. Always include the authors name and the page numbers at end of thesis.2. Summary: Briefly summarize the entire article in a short paragraph of 100-150 words. In this summary, cite specific examples the author uses to support his or her thesis. Write your summary in your own words. If you feel you must quote the author, only quote the author once or twice at the most, choosing what you consider particularly eloquent sentences and properly document the quote by including the authors name and page numbers after each quote.Critique: Critique the article citing:3a. Strengths of the article and/or the authors discussion of the topic. Give me examples3b.Weaknesses of the article and/or the authors discussion of the topic. Give me examples3c. An audience analysis: identify to whom you think the article is directed and explain why you believe the author choose this audience. Always include chronological age group, education level, special interests. If you’re unsure, consider the audience of the periodical in which the article appears.3d. How the ideas discussed in the article relate to todays society.4. Citation: Document the article by writing the full bibliographic citation in M.L.A. format. See Library Information, or your The Little Seagull Handbook for citation directions.