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The Final Report is divided into two sections:Section A (word limit: 4,000 words) A Critical Review of academic research literature – exploring the Question (and sub questions) you presented in the Initial Proposal.Section B (word limit: 2,000 words) An analysis of the potential usefulness, implications and impact of what you have found/concluded in your critical review; recommendations and reflection.As with the Initial proposal, a Bibliography is required at the end of the Final Report (and will include all references used in Section A and B).You will need to reference accurately throughout the work using APA 6th edition.The Final report is your chance to go into more detail and explore in greater depth (using academic research evidence) the Question (and sub questions) you presented in the Initial Proposal. You will now explore/address the questions using academic research evidence. The emphasis now is to explore these in detail and present some detailed answers and explanations in response to your question and sub questions. You will rely completely on published academic research literature i.e. journal articles.