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Apply the Qualitative Method and the Research Problem

this is a continuation of the previous paper. The focus will be on marketing webinars, etc (see last paper attached, “Wk 8″The focus of this weeks assignment is on applying the qualitative method to the research problem. Begin with a one-page introduction about the circumstances that led to the development of the problem; do not state the problem in this section. Establish the existence of your research problem using three to four scholarly articles published within the last five years. Remember that the problem must have a business administration focus, and must relate to your degree specialization.Use one sentence for each of the following:Hook: An attention-grabbing statement that is supported by the literature.Anchor: A statement that includes a statistic and is supported by primary research.A statement of the general business problem.A statement of the specific business problem.This script is helpful to (a) frame the problem, (b) validate that it exists with verifiable data, and (c) identify why and for whom the problem matters (Bakari 2018).Next, rationalize the use of the qualitative method for your research inquiry. Explain the features.