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Argumentative Essay about what points the authors made about reading and writing and researching

Goals: To show and demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between writer, audience, and purpose To argue and make connections among the readings To integrate textual evidence effectively To cite your sources, using signal phrases for quotes and paraphrasesAssignmentNow that you have thought about how other writers use sources in their work, it is time that you do the same. For this project, the readings from Unit 3: Alison Witte, Emily A. Wierszewski, and Alexandria Lockett will be your sources. (If you feel you need more, then look at Further Reading and select from that list.) Your argument must demonstrate an awareness of their claims, sub-claims, or over-arching messages. Quoting may not be the sole way you can demonstrate this awareness. Paraphrasing and summarizing are just as effective. Your paper must use MLA citation style.Feel free to use your class notes to guide your understanding of academic reading and writing during your composing stage. Remember our discussion on the rhetorical situation: writer, audience, and purpose. Utilize those notes to help you build your argument. Lastly, proofread your writing before submitting the paper.