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Argumentative Essay on a film

5-7 Page Argumentation Essay Directions (with 6 Sources in MLA Style)-3
Argumentative Essay Directions:
My argumentative essay will be on the film Blackfish and the arguments it presents like why orcas should not be in captivity.

Be sure to scroll all the way down to read the essay guidelines.

Relying on information you gather from reputable sources including books, online database sources under the library tab in My Star, and reputable sources from the Internet, write a 5-7 page essay in MLA format that utilizes at least 6 sources and makes an argument about a current controversy. Use a current film as a prompt to help you develop your claim for the argumentation essay.

Read chapter 14 (pp. 517-534) in Patterns prior to starting your essay.

Consider the following questions as you build the essay.

(1) What controversy does the film magnify that matters to you?

(2) Why is this controversy interesting to you?

(3) What background information is important to discuss in the argumentative essay?

(4) How should the argument you make impact your readers? Why will readers be interested in this topic?

(5) What target audience do you have in mind for the essay? How will this audience benefit from reading your essay?

(6) What will your major argument or working thesis be for this essay? (Thesis= Topic + debatable stance over the controversy and the importance of this angle or focus.)