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Art and Visual Literacy: Open Casket by Dana Schutz

Topic: Consider the painting Open Casket by artist Dana Schutz at the Whitney Biennial and the debate of its removal or inclusion. Does it represent the power of art to understand another persons pain or does it attempt to appropriate Black pain? Should it have been removed or not? What is at stake in this debate?
Details: In this assignment students may choose to debate an issue provided (see below) or select one independently (with instructor approval). Students should research their issue, finding appropriate sources and examples of artworks to support their argument. This is NOT a report on the existing sides/claims of the topic. You are taking a position and supporting it with persuasive evidence, whether that be precedent cases, art theory, or images.

The 5-page paper (minimum) will present your argument and supporting

You must properly cite all sources, using footnotes (or endnotes) AND a bibliography. Follow the Chicago Manual of Style to properly cite all sources, including any electronic sources.

If images are utilized in the paper they should be properly labeled and cited. Place all images at the end of your paper (not in the body of the text).

Plan to use at least three sources.

This paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font, with one-inch margins,