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Barriers of Surgical time out , perioperative nurses role in patient safety- Anintegrative literature review

This is my 3rd assignment – A paper for publication- I am planning to do Integrated lit. review on the above topic and the journal I choose is the ACORN journal. need to follow the ACORN integrative review guide,Prisma guidelines, ACORN – referencing guide.This is worth 40% marks. I am attaching one of my friends work just to show you how the works to be done. Please follow the HD criteria in the Rubrics.(1)- this assignment is done to identify the ways in which pts are at risk due to surgical time out not being performed correctly and the interventions that will reduce the possibility of sentinel events,near-misses and surgical errors.(2) Surgical time out is the last minute check by the entire surgical team.( Stop and Pause) Just before the skin incision to make sure the correct pat, correct procedure and correct site. also to introduce everyone in the team, check any allergies, any special equipment needed is available, any anticipated issues etc—(3) barriers could be staffs are not engaged are participating in other activities, busy getting the things, distractions, surgical team (operating surgeon) not present in the room, lack of communication, noisy atmosphere, not following the protocol, short cuts, staff attitude,etc……it could be environmental and human barriersthe overall aim is to improve the compliance is by teaching, training, create awareness, including in the training programme, random audit, survey etc……..(4) some of the consequences of not doing the time out are wrong pt wrong-site surgery, could lose the wrong limb, lose the healthy organ etc….. could be a legal action also could lose the nursing licence. this is an ultimate check for patient safety. perioperative nurses must act as pts advocates. make sure that the surgical time must carry out according to the hosp. policy for patient safety as well as to protect them from any legal action.These are a few points to help you to do the search. please do thorough research so you can find all the details.please refer an acorn integrative literature review before writing.