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Bodybuilding and steroid abuse. Can it also count as a drug abuse?

Write a research paper that is 7 pages (minimum) – 10 pages (maximum), based on your approved topic. Support your points with documented sources and include a Works Cited page listing at least five sources. You can use Wikipedia as a source, but it will not count as one of the required five sources. The Works Cited page will not count as one of the required 7-10 pages of content. The Works Cited page is a separate requirement.
Writing Guidelines:

Your paper must be typed using Times New Roman font size 12, must be double spaced, and incorporate MLA style guidelines.
Your paper should consist of an introductory paragraph that includes a clear thesis statement (main idea), as many body paragraphs as needed, counter-argument paragraph if your research is an argument, and a concluding paragraph.

Here are some suggestions for structuring the content of your paper.

Keep in mind that the research paper must be written objectively. Do not incorporate yourself into the paper. Do not write from the first-person point of view, (I think, I feel, we believe). You should also avoid using the second person point of view (You would think that you). Use the third person throughout your text (People think, the author stated, Shakespeare argued).
Introductory Paragraph
Introduce your topic. Consider pointing out why your topic is significant. Provide some background or context for your topic if necessary.
Thesis statement: This should be a statement (not a question!) that shows a clear position/main idea that your research will support or focus on.

Body Paragraphs
Include as many body paragraphs as needed to support your thesis statement. Each paragraph must be focused to one main point. Make sure to begin body paragraphs with strong topic sentences. Include transitional words throughout your essay.

Counter-argument Paragraph
If making an argument, make sure to include a counter argument paragraph that explains why someone would disagree with your view. Make sure to not incorporate yourself into the text.

Concluding Paragraph
Summarize your paper. Do not copy what you have already said in your essay, rephrase. Remind the reader of your argument and your main points.
Do not include any new points.

Your paper will be graded on the following criteria:

Introduction that contains a clear thesis statement – 15 points
Body paragraphs that support your thesis statement / Development of ideas – 15 points
Conclusion that summarizes your thesis and main points- 10 points
Paper follows a logical organization 10 points
Paper incorporates basic elements of MLA guidelines/Works cited page- 15 points
Paper contains 5 sources – 10 points
Paper meets the minimum page number- 10 points
Grammar: paper should avoid run-on sentences, fragments, must keep a consistent tense, sentences should express clear thoughts – 15 points

Make sure to enhance your argument by using a variety of sources and different methods to incorporate those sources into your paper.
You can summarize, paraphrase and quote sources of information.
Summarizing – When writing a summary, you find the most important ideas in a text and restate them in your own words in shortened form.
Paraphrasing – Paraphrasing is restating someone elses ideas in your own wordsnot necessarily shortened.
Quoting – Use quotes to back up your main points. Every quotation should be introduced and integrated into your essay to show the relationship between the quotation and your own ideas. When you use a quote, you should always explain what the quote means in relation to what you are trying to explain.
Dont forget that whether you are quoting, summarizing or paraphrasing, you must tell your reader where and/or from whom you got your information from.