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Briefly describe the central idea and content of the speech

Instruction for Speech Analysis 1

You watch the following video of a short speech of self-introduction titled “A Heart Worn on My Hand” and then critique it.

The analysis should be two full pages, double space and typewritten. Please turn in your analysis via Canvas. In the analysis, you should

1. Briefly describe the central idea and content of the speech (4 points)

2. Identify TWO areas that you like. Be specific (4 points).

3. Identify ONE support material discussed in class (Week 3 Topic: Supporting Your Ideas) (4 points). Be specific. For example, the speaker used example when she described

a. Definition
b. Vivid Image
c. Example
d. Narrative
e. Comparison and Contrast
f. Analogy
g. Testimony
h. Statistics

4. Identify THREE areas for improvement. Do not simply say bad or weak. You should explain how or why the speaker is doing poorly. For example, do not simply say that the speakers eye contact was poor. Tell the speaker that her eye contact favored the left side of the class room. Or she looked too much at the floor. (9 points)

5. Tell the speaker how to repair the THREE areas for improvement. Make sure your advices are measurable and specific. (9 points)