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Business Skills for Human Resource Mangers

The formal assessment of this module is based upon the tasks detailed below. You are required to individually and independently attempt these tasks. The questions in part A and part C require mostly computational answers and there is no necessity for superfluous discussion, only part B requires any extensive written discussion. The word count limit of your assignment is 3000 wordsPart A:1. By means of an entity relationship model, derive a design for a prototype relational database that would be capable of assisting the management of the investigation. The design must be compliant with the rules of first, second and third normal form, be implemented in MS Access, and be open to examination.(18 marks)2. Using your prototype design in MS Access and the programmes query design grid, create queries that are both open to examination and capable of delivering the following information requirements:a. A list of all those interviewees, organised by surname in alphabetical order, who have the status of being a suspect in the investigation.(3 marks)b. A list that supplies full details of all the interviews that are scheduled to be conducted on a particular date; the specific date to be specified by the user at the time the query is executed.(6 marks)c. Retrieves the interview records of those staff from the Hull retail branch who actually attended their scheduled interview.(4 marks)d. A calculation of the cost of each completed interview alongside the cost centre to be charged.(9 marks)Part B:1. Write a strategically-focused, action-driven report, for the board of directors that:a) Within the limits of the available information, examines the financial and non-financial performance of Cycle Haven for discussion at an upcoming board meeting in January 2020. Your report should highlight major areas of concern.(30 marks)b) Based on your analysis of the financial performance, make recommendations, as part of the report, on various areas and ways in which the human resource department can help the company to address issues raised by your financial analysis. (10 marks)Part C:1. Using MS Excel and the Balanced Scorecard method, develop a dashboard model for Cycle Haven Ltd. Your model ought to:a. Demonstrate the Balanced Scorecard in RAG form.(3 marks)b. Use navigation buttons to link all the data sheets.(3 marks)c. Graphically present the Home sheet.(2 marks)d. Include the key data and its graphical presentation for each sheet (12 marks)