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The Capstone project will be a reflective paper written after reviewing work throughout the semester and feedback given by the instructor and classmates.Students will reflect on their counseling experiences throughout the semester and write a reflection paper focusing on their internal experiences in session, skills used in session (e.g., questions, reflections, strategies to respond to discord or ambivalence), their intentionality behind their behaviors in session, the effectiveness of skills used, and aspirations for their future work with clients. Students will also reflect on their progression across their recorded sessions in regard to their comfort level in the counselor role, ability to implement counseling skills intentionally and effectively and conceptualize client issues. While understanding that counseling is a life-long learning process, students will identify skills/areas that need further growth, and their plan to develop those skills.It is important to be conscious of this assignment as it is a reflective activity. Students may want to keep personal notes after watching each recorded session and receiving feedback to track progress, growth, and internal experiences.The paper is to be at least 6-8 pages long (excluding cover, abstract, references, etc) and must follow the APA format as described in the most recent Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (cover paper, abstract, references, correct use of headers if you use them, and correct use of citations). This file may be helpful to you in formatting your paper: APAFormatTemplate – edited.docPreview the documentThe paper must be grammatically correct, and all words should be spelled correctly. Failure to follow stylistic or grammatical conventions will result in reduced grading. When you use citations, you must use the correct citation format when referring to any information that is not your own. Your reference list should have at least 3 academic references. I would like at least 6 pages not including 6-8 pages long (excluding cover, abstract, references, etc.).