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Career Application

You will be required to write a 3-page paper (single spaced) that outlines how you can be more effective in your professional field as a result of the concepts you learned in this class. You should reflect on how to integrate the course material into how you can be more effective in the world of work at a personal level (e.g., motivation, leadership, working in groups, making decisions, embracing diversity, promoting corporate social responsibility, being innovative, working globally, etc.). You can choose to focus in-depth on just one issue or you can discuss several issues on a smaller scale. This paper will require reflection and some mental homework, so I encourage you to outline your thoughts after each topic and continue adding to it, revising sections of it as the course progresses. Please be sure to use all the space provided. If you only complete 2 of the 3 pages, your grade will max out at 2/3rds, or 66%.

You will be graded based on two primary factors:

Did you do some quality, substantive reflection on personal application of the concepts?
Did you communicate it in a compelling fashion?