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Career Development and Employability

The portfolio should have a maximum of 3,000 words divided approximately as follows:1. Analysis of business sector: 500 words2. Application for a job, internship or placement : 1,500 words3. Reflective essay: 1,000 wordsAnalysis of business sector (25%) Select a business sector from this link – to an external site. Remember that you should analyse a sector and not a functional area or a job position/title (e.g. ‘digital marketing consultant’). Working as a marketing consultant in the Healthcare sector is very different from working in the Property & Construction sector! Focus on labour market trends in the chosen sector (e.g. demand and supply of labour, market growth, salary level, types of jobs); Use data/ evidence to support your analysis and reference these appropriately using the ARU/ Harvard referencing style; Use graphs or other figures that display relevant information to support your analysis; Ensure you clearly analyse what the data presented mean for you and your chosen career specifically.Application for a job, internship or placement (50%) Justification short-term career goalo This is the introduction to this part of the portfolio. Here state your choice of job and provide a brief justification for it; you may want to refer to the results of self-awareness analysis (e.g. personal assessment). Skills audito A skills audit is necessary for you to understand your level of competence in different skills and the evidence needed to demonstrate this competence; Please use the template uploaded in week 6 on canvas. Specific/concrete examples are needed for each skill to demonstrate how you gave yourself a score of 1-5. Be sure to include detail of how you hope to improve your skills providing specific examples. Cover lettero You can choose the job, internship or placement you are applying for (for the purposes of this assessment); the requirements are that the job, internship or placement ad must include a person specification and a job description. We also recommend you to aim for a graduate job (i.e. requires a Bachelor degree).o Draw on some specific skills and/or achievements and mention them in your cover letter to evidence why you feel you are a good fit for this job/ programme and why you will stand out from the competition.o The cover letter should reflect your awareness of person-job fit and person-organization fit: be sure to explain your choice linking to descriptors in the job ad to explain why you would be a good fit. This may require that you do a bit more research on the company (i.e. mission/vision/values) to align yourself to the organization. CVo Dont just list the job responsibilities you have had for each job, but highlight the skills/competencies developed. Online profileo Create/ update your LinkedIn profile following a good example of a LinkedIn profile . You can view this in Week 6 on canvas. We also suggest you engage with the tool, perhaps by showing that you are following people, groups, organizations etc. In addition to providing a screen shot of your profile, we expect you to provide a brief reflection on this activity, i.e. what did you learn from the module which can help you improve your online networking presence?Reflective essay (25%) Reflectiono The aim of this section is to see how your experience in this module has changed your views and behaviours in relation to career management, i.e. understanding of job search and recruitment and selection processes, changes in self-awareness.