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Case Study on Financial Planning Strategies

Anne has recently lost her husband Alan. Alan died of a sudden heart-attack on his way to work 4 weeks ago. She has been referred to you by her friend Delia, who has been your client for 10 years. Anne is 40 years old and has two young children Daisy and Michael (10 year old twins).She has given you the following information.Anne is working full time earning $120,000 pa (ex. Super i.e superannuation is in addition to her earnings and is paid at 9.5%)Anne needs to apply for her husband Alans Life insurance, worth $300,000 held in UniSuper within his superannuation account. There is a non-binding nomination to Anne.The children both attend public school.Anne does not currently have life insurance and she needs to update her estate planning documents.Anne has a sister, Jenny 38 years old who resides in New Zealand.Annes parents live in Perth, Western Australia. Her father Don and mother Irene are both 62 years old and still working full-time.Other assets are as follows:Home in the Sydney suburb of Quakers Hill (joint tenants with Alan) valued at $800,000 (mortgage of $400,000 at an interest rate of 3.5% pa). Alans super Balance is $150,000. Annes is $100,000. Both are in the Unisuper Sustainable Growth option. All contributions have been concessional contributions (employer).The family has $10,000 in savings (working account) and another $20,000 in a term deposit due to mature 30 November 2020.Anne knows that she needs to get the ball rolling after Alans death. The bills are mounting up and she needs to go back to work, however, she is still very upset. She has just received a bill from the funeral home for Alans funeral 2 weeks ago, and she owes them $20,000. Anne also has a car loan for $20,000 on her MG3, at 7.0% which she needs to sort out as she hasnt made last months payment and MG Finance are chasing her for the payment. Anne would like to ensure that:Her home loan is either paid off or she wants to pay it down as much as possible (she is considering re-negotiating her home loan). She has adequate insurance in place on her life/death, disability (TPD, Income Protection etc), home, car and if she needs any other insurance she would like advice on that. Her estate planning documents are in order and her children will be taken care of if she were to die. Her superannuation is reviewed and she can access Alans super/insurance in the most tax-effective way possible (she wants to leave as much as possible in a tax-effective environment). Anne would also like to maintain a $20,000 emergency fund and start a savings plan if possible.