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Catholic: Select one of the following three topics for essay and answers questions below.

Bible-CatholicChoose one of three topics for essay (5 paragraphs) and include all details below the topic and answer extra credit at the end of the assignment.I will be checking for any plagiarism.This is one of the three topics below.I.All of creation can be divided into two categories: persons and things. This has important implications regarding the way we are to treat the different beings in creation, and it is critical to our understanding of morality. Write an essay on this topic that includes the following:A. Define person and thing.B. Identify which beings in creation are persons, and which beings in creation are things.C. Explain how the virtue of temperance can help us to treat persons and things the way we should.E. Discuss the sacredness of human life and the value and dignity of every human being.