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The aim of this research study is to analyse the main aspects of cellular senescence and its association with clinical biology. The purpose of this research is to find out the molecular aspects of sudden cell cycle arrests or cellular senescence and their clinical correlation. Human ageing and longevity have been stated to be associated with changes in cellular levels. Ageing has been found to be induced by various potentially interconnected features, which include the mitochondrial DNA damage in the nucleus and mitochondria including the dysfunction of mitochondria and increased production of reactive oxygen species. Factors like these are associated with unusual body changes occurring due to human ageing. Thus, to analyze factors such as the previously stated one, this research study is performed.- Below I have attached 6 different articles which you can use to write the 5 pages.- A picture with the professors comments which you need to make by using the 6 different articles.- The file thesis-help is from my university just to see how the writing should be.- explain a few details about the software that I have used (QDA Miner Lite).( I have written about this in the section called *Coded File* but my professor wants me to write a little more about it.)I have attached the document “My_Thesis” which is the thesis that I have written so you can see what i have written so you dont repeat what I have written. Also, so you know what my project is about.But I only need the 5 pages which should be in the discussion part. If you take the professors comments and the references you should be able to write 5 pages about that. But i have sent you my thesis so you can write something relevant to it.If there is any questions please contact me.