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Character motivation – Archetypes

Ive submitted two PDFs, one is my Hero Proposal of the character I have to write about. Which is Baymax from Big Hero Six, in that PDF I list the 3 reasons why I think Baymax is the Homeric Hero Archetype and the sources. The other PDF is the set of instructions to help out. My professor also posted a Youtube video demonstrating how to do this essay. Heres the link

Generally, the Hero Archetype is about 1200-2000 words. Anything below 1000, points will not be sufficient content to fulfill the requirements for this assignment. Submit One long pdf Document.

1. Name, course information, date, word count, revisions and final word count.
2. Title Centered
3. Title Image of Character in Action under the title.
4. Essay – 1″ Margins, Double Spaced
5. Underline the thesis statement in the Introduction.
6. A minimum of 4-6 images of the character in motion, demonstrating the claim of the paragraph.
7. A clear conclusion with a powerful ending statement. REMEMBER – Never use a you, we, us, our, your, we all – not ever. Only use I and third person objectives (facts). Even when quoting a source, never include “we” within the quote. The article writer can, but you can’t.
8. 22% of your essay should be properly quoted sources. No more, no less.
9. Works Cited in MLA format. REMEMBER to click Select All, Export, Print as a Word Doc – Then Enable editing, check to make sure nothing other than a url contains all caps. Then copy that citation page and add to the end of your essay paragraphs.
10. Complete outline – This should be detailed and is about 2-3 pages long.