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College Behind Bars

For our final assignment, you will watch and review the four part documentary College Behind Bars. Here is a link to a page with more information about the film and how to watch it.This review must be at least 750 words.It must be in MLA format.It must include:A original title. It must include the title of the filmA introduction to the film: name of film, directors, summary, and thesis.Analysis of theme and at least two aspects of the film.Discussion of perspective of film (social, political, economic, or other)ConclusionI have provided an annotated copy of a the published “American Factory Grapples with the Notion of Freedom.” You can use it as a model.American Factory Grapples witht the Notion of Freedom (2).docxHere is a copy of my Power Point exploring and explaining this assignment more completely.This is a list of the characters/individuals in the film:Rodney Spivey JonesGiovanni HernandezBrian GaertnerDyjuan TatroSebastian YoonTamika GrahamShawnta MontgomeryJule HallDwayne MorrisonRashaan BrownPossible Themes:TransformationPotentialOpportunityCommitmentHumanityThe power of institutions to create positive changeSurvival versus livingFreedomFairnessPunishment versus rehabilitationEquityThe difference between education and schoolCycle of violence