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Communication and partnership essay

Please see attached for the assignment task. The first attachement is the essay question, the seccond attached is My introduction for the assighment you will be writting on, the third attachment is the examplar in the way my assignment should be structured with the learning outcome highlighted in stages through out the assignment then the last aattachement is another examplar to look at to understand my assigmnet on what is needed, but this does not highlight the learning outcome in stages.Appreaciate this work should be well researched with 60 references, every 2 to 3 lines should come with a reference through out this essay this is important. required by my tutorAppreciate if the first learning outcome one with my introduction is sent to me in two days for it to be sent to my tutor for a feedback as we go out long with the rest of the assignment.Then feedback will be sent to you for correction so is the the rest of the learning outcome to be met.This task should follow the exact word formating in word in the first examplar attached and style of writing.