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Comparative language

2.) Morphology – Comparative Language
Compare the morphology of English with the language you chose.
a.) Find five morphological issues that speakers of the language you chose may have difficulty
with in English due to differences between the two languages.
For example, in Spanish adjectives are singular or plural according to the noun they
modify. For example, coche verde is green car, and to pluralize it, the plural
morpheme /s/ is added to the end of both the adjective and noun in Spanish, coches
verdes whereas in English the plural morpheme is only added to the noun green cars.
Due to this difference, Spanish speaking second language speakers of English may
sometimes add an s to adjectives in writing, or speaking.
b.) Out of the five morphological differences you find between English and the language you
chose, pick two to come up with strategies to teach to those specific issues.