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Compare and Contrast between The Lottery and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

As Paper compares and contrasts The Lottery and Curious Incident, focusing on the theme of trust and hypocrisy in both texts. The introductory paragraph introduces these two stories and your topic, yet argument can be even more specific in the Intro: how do these stories reflect different aspects of this theme of trust? This comparison becomes a little sharper as the essay progresses, but the first paragraph on The Lottery can you be more clearly explain how the familys trust breaks down, before moving on to Curious Incident. Just as importantly, consider how the lottery itself, as a violent ritual that the townspeople think benefits their community, also signifies a misplaced trust — a trust in this tradition.The transitions from one text to the other is so quick I dont understand, which story I am talking about (as on p.2), so could you please suggest a connection between the stories as you move on to the other text. As both narratives show how trust is based on circumstances (p.4) but Im not sure what you mean by this circumstance in The Lottery can just be luck (whichever name is selected). Ending of Curious Incident is only treated as passing but instead I want to know, how the way we read the end of the book, and also in what sense is this the parents attempt to repair the trust that has been broken? This suggests an important difference from the ending of The Lottery.