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Comparison essay on the ‘Musik Festowche’ Poster by Egon Shiele, 1912 Essay (15%): minimum 1,000-word essay. A comparison is an analytical technique that gives you a way to point out or highlight a significant quality or characteristic of your featured graphic design (the same design examined in your descriptive and contextual essays). The comparison design should be one that is relevant and useful to advancing your argument about the featured design, such as a very similar design that you reveal to have important differences or one that is quite different, but which you show to have unexpected similarities. In either case, a comparative essay is interpretive and persuasive: the comparison demonstrates something of import about your featured graphic design.Before writing your essay, consider the following questions (it may be helpful to read How to Write a Comparative Analysis by Harvard College Writing Center, Harvard University): What is the frame of reference for your comparison? What are your grounds for comparison? What is your thesis: the point or purpose of your comparison? How will you organize your argument to keep the focus on your featured design? Do NOT quote: paraphrase your sources (i.e., put their opinions and ideas entirely in your own words, but cite the source for these opinions and ideas). The contextual and comparative essays must include in-text citations and a Works Cited in MLA format. Your research must use reliable and authoritative sources