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Comprehensive Strategic and Marketing Plan Final Paper Project

Purpose: The purpose of this project is the opportunity to develop a comprehensive strategic plan, marketing plan, operating budget, and variance monitoring system for an agency or multi-unit department within selected urban or rural settings. Students will use the Strategic Plan and Marketing Plan assignments presented in Modules 2 & 3 for preparation of this assignment.Project Components:1. The Executive Summary (1-2 pages) will provide readers a synopsis of the overall project. The Executive Summary may be submitted as the first 1-2 pages of the final paper or as a separate document (student choice).A. The Executive Summary is for the busy administrator/board member to get an overview of what this project is about.B. What is it, why do we need it, how much is it going to cost?2. The Word Document and line graphs (3 year revenue projections from Strategic Plan assignment) for the completed project should be posted in the Assignment Drop Box in Canvas.Evaluation:The Executive Summary and Written Paper will be evaluated:1. Executive SummaryA. Clarity and succinctness of project.B. Captures the reader with factsC. Includes:i. statistical informationii. statement of neediii. connection between the proposal and the organization’s mission/visioniv. summary of the business plan2. Written Document:A. Table of Contents Remember to include thisB. Content:i. of agency/facilityii. Patient care delivery process/Model of care: Describe the process/models that are used to conduct business at this facility.iii. of the Strategic Plan: Insert your revised Strategic Plan from Assignment in Module 2, using sentences to link that assignment to this final paper. Address the edits suggested by faculty following submission of that assignment.iv. of the Marketing Plan: Insert your revised Marketing Plan from Assignment in Module 3, using sentences to link that assignment to this final paper. Address the edits suggested by faculty following submission of that assignment.v. Conclusion summarizing and tying the components of the Strategic Plan to the Marketing planvi. References (Must include two scholarly journal articles not included in the course assigned readings)3. Scholarly paper written in APA Format (7th ed.), 8-10 pages minimum excluding title page, table of contents, and reference page.4. A sample paper is available for you in the under Modules at the very bottom.5. Please Note: This assignment submission is enabled with Unicheck to check for plagiarism. I would encourage you to submit a draft of your work early so that you can then view your plagiarism report. This submission box will allow you to then re-submit your final work if you need to make revisions. Graders will only assess your latest submission.Subject of the paper is Cook Childern’s hospital in Fort Worth. Based on the previous paper. please see uploaded files.Please see the sample paper that is uploaded also.