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Conceptual Framework

Search for a nursing research article where the conceptual/theoretical framework is clearly identified, developed, and applicable to the selected research study (make sure it has the IMRAD format) however QI projects/protocols are acceptable too. Avoid concept analysis papers. Include a reference for the article you selected (the article reference should be in APA format). Please attach the article to this post to enable us to read about the theory application in the research study you selected for this discussion. Be sure to provide citations and references in APA format.When you post your study answer the following prompts:1. Which conceptual or theoretical framework has been identified in the introduction/method section (give brief description)? Is the framework adequately described? Do you feel the framework appropriate for this research study? Why?2. How did authors relate their findings to the theory?3. Did the findings support the theory? Did the findings only support part of the theory?