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Consumer culture report

For your final assessment, you are expected to develop an empirical research project on a topic related to consumer culture (YOU NEED TO CHOOSE TOPIC BY YOURSELF!!!) (e.g. brands, influencers, brand communities, consumer tribes, online shopping, etc.), demonstrating the capacity of planning, developing, and presenting an individual research project by using one or more methods learnt during the module. However, you may choose any modality of your choice for this final assessment. The form that the output will take is also up to you, but it should be appropriate to the type of research that you have chosen to undertake. You may choose to demonstrate the results of your research in a number of ways. For instance you might produce: a standard research essay (2,000 words length); a news or feature article (2,000 words); a marketing research report (2,000 words);The main purpose of this project is to showcase your individual analytical and research skills