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Consumer Report- Consumer Knowledge

Report Topic: Discuss the role and the influence that your (or one consumer’s) knowledge and personal/groupinfluence had on the decision-making process when purchasing a brand (Puma) of shoe to be worn at work. Based onconsumer research, recommend strategies that one inert brand could use to ensure its inclusion in the consumer’sconsideration set of brands, and be purchased.- Students must conduct surveys 3 and 4 with the same consumer for the same purchase item as in Assessment 2 Consumer Report 1. The survey questions and support materials have been attached. Research findings from Survey 1 can be used to elaborate or provide extra depth to your discussion of consumerknowledge and group/personal influences concepts where appropriate. All strategies must be derived from consumer insight, and are to be structured as follows. Briefly describe thestrategy, explain why you chose the strategy in terms of its link to consumer insight, then briefly state how youwould implement the strategy. Write up the consumer report using consumer behaviour language, rather than everyday language, making sureyou address all key concepts in the relevant chapter/s. Refer to Chapters 9 and 13 and corresponding lectureslides. This is not a theoretical paper; therefore, no referencing nor definition of terms is required.See a detailed Marking Rubric