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Contempory issues in the technology era

An analytical/critical report (3500 words), 100% of assessment weighting.In current technical era, plenty innovative technologies are available for businesses to plan, invest and implement based on their goals and objectives. Therefore, in this report, you are expected to critically evaluate technological implementation in organisations.For your report, you need to choose and critically compare two organisations in any industry. And the report should include the following areas:1- A clear and brief description of the companies, including their background, business goals and objectives.2- An analysis of the technological application(s) you intend to focus on and why you think they are critical for their success. You need to provide a justification for your choice by linking to the literature and emphasizing the importance of the selected technology for their business success.3- The analysis must include a list of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the selected technology based on the literature and related readings, and the clarification for how it has helped contribute towards their business goals. You must provide evidence, fact and figures to support your analysis.4- The report must also contain suggestions, based on your analysis, of possible improvements for both companies from technological many sources as needed no capthe recording is the assignment explained