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Corporate Social Responsibility

Please follow all the instructions and see files attached, this is a final project.We have to create a company, in this case a Bicycle Producer.The project has 6 stagesStage 1 of chosen enterprise: name, place, main operations, main markets, supply chain, how big (production, turnover, profits, …), how many employees, what kind of staff, mission, other relevant information, …You can base your description on already existing company from the same industry.Stage 2Stage 2 of the project – stakeholders analysis0. Study the topic of the stakeholders theory.1. map of stakeholders (check possible forms of the map in the google search)- analyse stakeholders (analysis based on the patterns of tables presented in this topic).Stage 3Stage 3 of the project – risk analysis0. Study the topic of social and environmental risks and problems.1. In order to determine what kinds of risks of unethical behaviour exist in an organisation and/or what kinds of social and environmental problems are linked to organisations activities:- Identify potential risks of unethical behaviour in all areas of an organisation (see column 1 from the table for brainstorming).- Indicate how strong is their potential impact on organisation and its relations with stakeholders (use table to assess the probability and the strength)- Write one paragraph of summary about the most important risks/problems.Stage 4Strategic goalsThe next stage of the project covers:1. Choose 3 of the most important issues resulted from analysis of the most important risks of unethical behaviour and social and environmental problems and describe them in details in the proposed tables.2. Describe your strategy (no longer than 1 page). Set the main strategic goal(s) for your sustainability strategy to address the above issue(s) – express this/these goal(s) and describe it/them in details. Write your general mission and describe necessary steps.Stage 5- ProgrammingStrategic planThe next stage of the project covers:1. Prepare the description of the strategy in the form of Gantt Chart. Read the attached materials and search for examples in the Internet. Excell page2. Every planned achievement of the strategic goals established during the stage 4 of the project should be decomposed for the necessary steps. These steps should be presented in the Gantt Chart. All planned budget position should be very general (do not loose time to search for the exact prices of goods and services in the Internet).Stage 6At this stage of our work you should concentrate on the preparing the final version of the project following the order presented in the file “Structure of the strategy.doc”. Pay attention to the consistency of your work and clarity too. The final project should be understandable for any reader and should sound attractive for the boss of your companyAll the material needed provided by the teacher is attached.