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Criminology and Criminal Justice

Choose 1 question from the Criminology section and 1 question from the Criminal Justice section. – Note that some of the Criminology section questions have 2 parts – A and B. Try to use 3 in text citations APA style with quotes etc. (2 for the criminology section {1 for each part} and 1 for the criminal justice question) Make sure there is a reference page and no need for a title page. I attached all the readings for this week to help with whichever questions you decide to answer. Try for 180 words minimum for each question/part thanks. CRIMINOLOGY #1. Explain the fundamental difference between control theories and other sociological explanations of crime. What assumptions do control theories make about people’s behavior that other theories do not?
#2. Explain Hirschi’s general premise and important elements of social bond theory. Which of the four social bonds do you think is most important, and why?
#3. Explain the General Theory of Crime (AKA Gottfredson and Hirschi’s self-control theory). How does this theory differ from Hirschi’s earlier social bond theory?
#4. What policy implications might arise from the General Theory? What interventions could be implemented to deter crime, and when would these interventions have to occur in order to be effective? CRIMINAL JUSTICE #1. What have been the primary reasons given by legislators for the enactment of drug prohibitions?
#2. According to the readings, what role did race/ethnicity play in the determination that various drugs needed to be subject to prohibition?
#3. What evidence exists that the “War on Drugs” was not a race-neutral war? (Discuss in detail.)
#4. Who seems to be most directly affected by the current opioid abuse epidemic?
#5. What was the popular belief about who was most affected by the crack cocaine epidemic? What evidence is there that this popular belief may have been wrong? (Use the readings and additional research to respond to this question. Be sure to properly cite all sources.)