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Please write an essay on the following question: Critically evaluate the concept of crime with reference to the concepts invisible victims and invisible crimes. This essay encourages you to engage critically with two sets of data, as you explore the key concepts and theories raised in Block 4. The two data sources raise issues about: What is officially counted as crime, who are victims of crime and what experiences of victimisation are recorded. What knowledge about crime and victims of crime is produced through these official statistics: which crimes and victims of crime are prioritised in these official statistics and which crimes, victims and harms are not recorded. The limited scope of official crime statistics and crime victim surveys for identifying hidden crimes and hidden victims of crime. The limitations of the concept of crime for addressing structures of power that generate harm and victims of harm. A key focus of the concepts and theories introduced in Block 4 is the role and relevance of official data for perpetuating common understandings (and sometimes misunderstandings) about crime and victims of crime. After studying the full range of material, you might wish to consider, for example, what the data on reported crime does and doesnt tell us about crime, harm and victims. You might also wish to consider what the data on victims of crime can tell us about whose experiences that are and are not captured; who is included and who excluded and what are the limitations in understanding victimisation through the lens of crime. For this TMA, your tutor will be looking for you to: Provide an introduction, setting out your main argument Engage critically with the two data sources provided Demonstrate an understanding of concepts invisible crime and invisible victims of crime, social harm and zemiology set out in Block 4 Demonstrate an understanding of the limitations of the concept of crime and criminal justice responses introduced in Block 4 Provide references and a bibliography.