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Critical Analysis of a Pseudoscience (The Black Helicopter)

PART 2 Essay (15%)
Your paper will naturally take the form of an argumentative essay as you will argue
whether or not the claim advanced by the author is worthy of belief. Clearly identify the
topic, the authors main claim (the conclusion of their argument; that which they are
trying to convince us of) in your introduction, as well as quick summary of the argument
advanced in the text and your brief assessment of the argument. The introduction should
consist of at least 250 words. The body paragraphs you will present your detailed
analysis of the argument. The body should be where your analysis is presented. This is
where you will apply the various concepts used throughout the course. The body should be
at least 600 words; you will likely need to allocate more than that if you want to do a
thorough analysis. The conclusion (approx 150 words) summarizes your evaluation of the
authors argument. Minimum 1000 words.