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Critical Analysis of Consultancy Web Article

of Item 2 (1,000 words; 20% of the mark)Item 2 is an individual report. Working in groups, students are required to give a 10-minute in-class presentation during the seminars. Groups and topics for the presentations will be decided in the first seminar. Although the group presentation is not marked, your participation is mandatory for submitting Item 2. Item 2 is an individual report based on the presentation which has to be submitted with all items of your portfolio.INDICATIVE STRUCTURE FOR THE INDIVIDUAL REPORT AND THE GROUP PRESENTATIONThe following structure is indicative illustrating what can be included in each section. For the individual report (item 2), students can consider points 1-3 as an indicative structure. For the group presentation, students are asked to focus on points 1 & 2 of the following indicative structure.1. What is analysed in this report? (Individual Report + Presentation)- Do you find the report interesting? Why?- What are the key lessons and information addressed in the report?2. Why is the analysis presented in the report important? (Individual Report + Presentation)- What are the main points you agree and/or disagree with the author(s) of this report?- Can you provide 1-3 examples of individuals, teams or organisations which can benefit from the knowledge/information presented in the report, and how?Expectations: This individual report is expected to be analytical and reflective: analytical in terms of integrating findings and information based on the report with concepts discussed in the lectures and examples from real-life organisations; and reflective in terms of providing your critical reflections and practical recommendations. An excellent report should demonstrate analytical, critical and independent thinking.Word Count and Presentation: Item 2 is expected to be 1,000 words, +/- 5%. Therefore, your mark will be affected if your essay falls short of 950 words or exceeds 1,050 words. Please pay attention to length, structure, grammar, presentation and referencing of the report. In case any issues regarding length, structure, grammar or referencing are detected, they will be listed in the assignment feedback including justification(s) about how they affected your mark.