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critical issues in leadership

Reflective essay(50%) 3,000 wordsYou are required to pick an issue/s within leadership and critically reflect on how to manage and resolve the issue/s using relevant academic leadership theory.The issue must be picked from the Digital Leadership Project you will undertake in class. Full details of the Digital Leadership project are facilitated during workshops and Blackboard.You will be undertaking a Digital Leadership Project in a group of 5 people during your seminars every week. At the end of the term you will have developed a series of tools and experiences on leadership from your participation in creating this digital project. You will be presenting and discussing this project during your seminars each week. Your tutor will take notes, film and give you feedback on your presentations and debates.After the completion of your project, you will need to pick on any issue to do with leadership within this project and critically reflect on how you and others managed and resolved leadership issues. This is not a description of what you or others did or did not, but a critical reflection on leadership issues backed up by academic leadership theory.The reflexive essay is 3,000 words. Make sure you include the title of your project, and the names of all the members of your group.