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Critically analyse the effectiveness of an individual nation-state’s counter-terrorism measures with one case study

Use the UK’s current CONTEST strategy and a case study to illustrate the following;Key Legislation to be mentioned: Provide detailed background information regarding the counter-terrorism measures of the state which you have chosen (UK)— In a sequence (very important)This means evaluating key legislations: how they have been used; whether they have been amended/changed over time etcWhether or not the state has also made use of international conventions etcIn order to answer this question well, you need to be very precise. It is not enough to state, for example, that one of the states response is to combat terrorist funding,Things which are important to be considered1. Describe and analyse the key strategy and legislative aspects of counter-terrorism2. Evaluate the legitimacy and effectiveness of counter terrorism policies, strategies and operationsin-text references and your bibliography need to follow the Harvard-style of referencingKey Sources for this essay.Taylor and Francis Online- Key Journals in relation to the title of this essay. Heath-KellyNeumann & Smith 2005Butchart 2017Lastly, could you ensure the paragraphs are structured properly and check for spelling mistakes? Also, please add sub headings just for me to know what I am reading because I am going to review it too and then remove them.