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critically discuss the role and professional qualities of the registered nurse in the provision of evidence-based end of life care(EOLC) for the older person.

Critically discuss the registered nurses role and required professional qualities for effective management of the older persons EOLC. Your critical discussion should explain how the registered nurse will enact their role to provide quality and safe EOLC. (End of Life Care).Rubric:- 24-30 marks: Provides an accurate and relevant critical discussion of the RNs role in EOLC. The most important professional qualities required for effective management of EOLC are clearly explained and supported with examples-16-20 marks: Details of how the RN enacts their role in EOLC are clearly and accurately explained. The most relevant tasks required to enact the role are clearly explained and represent a holistic understanding of provision of EOLC.-8-10 marks: Most relevant, peer reviewed research cited. Research findings skilfully integrated into discussion in the most meaningful way. Literature is used to accurately support explanations and argument