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Critically evaluate principles, theories and practices related to assessment.

Literature reviewYou will produce a literature review addressing one of the main topics associated with current thinking in the field of assessment to meet the learning outcome 1: Critically evaluate principles, theories and practices related to assessment.Topic: Formative assessmentWhat to include:IntroductionIntroduce the topic of your literature review and give relevant definitions; State the purpose of your literature review and the main argument; explain how the review is organised; what is the scope of your review?Make sure you INCLUDE formative assessment black and Williams THEORYBodySummarise and evaluate what you have read. Identify the most important themes or topics or findings that researchers agree or disagree on. Analyse how these sources support or refute your main argument; carefully structure your paragraphs to show the development of your main argument; include transition sentences to link ideas and paragraphs together. Make sure you references other people’s ideas appropriately using in-text references.ConclusionSummarise your main pointsReferencesInclude the minimum of 8 references under the heading “References”. Academic references include books, academic journal articles, reports and government documents. Please use the APA guidelines available on Blackboard.