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Data Protection Law: data collection and processing in situation of emergency

Assignment #2The current nCovid-2019 crisis shows that in a globally interconnected world an epidemy can become pandemic in a few weeks. If the crisis is global also the solutions should be global. One of the successful solutions in South Korea and China to deal with the pandemic is based on monitoring all the existing positive cases through GPS-based geolocation considering the generalised usage of smartphones. Through a specific application authorities and individuals should therefore be able to know who has been already detected as positive by the health authorities. On the basis of the European legislation (GDPR), the student should discuss about the proposed solution, as if he/she is called to advise as a legal expert the Italian government on behalf of the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health, analysing the pros and cons of personal data collection and processing vis a vis a situation of emergency.(The student is requested to discuss one of the two topics on the basis of existing jurisprudence, academic literature and legislation (EU, Italian, but also other national European or non-European legislation is welcome on a comparative basis).The referencing shall be based on the Oxford Standard of Referencing (OSCOLA).I ask writers to please mostly help me with referencing and bibliography (OSCOLA style), identifying controller and processor of the situation and rewriting the advantages of data collection and processing in situation of emergency as the paper lacks the positive sides (in line with the GDPR provisions)